No Hair….. Don't Care Update!

So following on from my last post, I shaved the majority of my hair off for the amazing charity Mind in Cambridgeshire, my local branch of Mind yesterday, all that is left is a very soft fuzz, and I still don’t care. I actually really like it (not sure hubby is quite as keen…. heehee)!  It feels super soft and I can’t stop rubbing my hands over it to feel how good the condition of my hair now is! I  have[Read more]

#100HappyDays Update (Photo Heavy Post)

If you follow me on  Instagram, you will be aware that I have been taking part in #100HappyDays, also see my introduction post here.  I had hoped to give you an update on my progress before now, but you know how it is…. So I thought I would give you a 25 Day update, and I will split the next 3 updates into blocks of 25 also, so you will get 4 updates in total.  I will give a little bit[Read more]

New Year, New Hair!

Happy 2014 fellow Planetarians! I trust everyone saw the new year in safely, and here is hoping that 2014 brings you everything you ever dreamt of. Well, 2014 is the year I’m going to turn 40. Apparently life begins….. I’ll let you know!!! So with the imminent BIG 4 0 rapidly approaching, I decided I need to start doing  all those wild crazy things I’ve always wanted to do, like a pre-bucket list I guess.  As I’m so unbelievably Rock & Roll[Read more]