Playing Catch Up & Playing with GIF Files!

I’ve been feeling a bit like I’ve lost my mojo recently, not being able to come up with anything I feel is worth while talking about, and not being able to come up with anything for the blogger challenge posts I am part of…. I’m putting it down to the heat…. Lol!   How are you all coping with this mini heatwave we are having here in Blighty?  I’m thinking best we make the most of it, it is bound to[Read more]

Don't You Forget About Me….

I should have done this on Wednesday for “Wish List Wednesday”, but Wednesday was #OMCZ day, plus I had nothing in mind to wish list about, that is until today! For some reason I always forget H&M when it comes to Plus Size clothing (sorry H&M), I have no idea why, there is no specific reason why, I just do, but seeing a reference to them today made me mozy on over for a little gander to see what they had online[Read more]