Mission Impossible…. Accomplished!

As you all know, not only do I live a chub life, I live a midget chub life! At 4ft 10in I am, apparently, technically deemed a drawf – please note I am not a medical professional and am only quoting what I have either found via the internet or what I have been told…. People of 147cm (4ft10ins) or less are classed as drawfs/midgets (not to be confused with the medical disability of Drawfism) ! I must add here, that[Read more]

Who da Mann? Pam da Mann!

Hey Dudes & Dudettes…. Happy Thursday peeps! I am sure you saw recently I was very lucky to have been given the opportunity to review some tights from the Pamela Mann plus size range (see my post here)… Well, I  obviously didn’t do a half bad job as they only went and offered to send me some more!  This time some patterned tights to spice things up a bit, and if you keep reading, there is also a sneaky little giveaway![Read more]