Trinkets Jewellery #realwomen Campaign

I wouldn’t normally like the term “real women”, in my mind ALL women are real women, but I will now explain what I really liked about this particular campaign. I was drawn to the fact that Fiona, the brains behind Trinkets Jewellery is using women like me, you, and her over there to advertise her products.  She isn’t using models, photoshopped, and giving an unrealistic view on how we should look…. She is using all shapes and sizes, us! Read a bit[Read more]

BEDJ- Day 7 – A Haul

I hope you are still all with me, and enjoying the Blog Every Day in June posts….. Today’s theme is A Haul, not something I do very often, but I did earlier this week, and I have saved it for today’s post.  My “mini” haul comes to you today courtesy of my good friend’s Florence & Fred available from Tesco. Shoes Cat Clutch Bag Yes, the shoes are from the Kid’s section, the benefit (or not in some cases) of only[Read more]

Diamonds are Forever – Ft Anjolee Jewelry

I defy any woman to not love a diamond, or two or three, so when I was contacted by Anjolee Jewelry to review their website, I was definitely up for some virtual window shopping! It is coming up to my 10th Wedding Anniversary at the end of November, so I thought I would check out their Bridal Sets to see what was available if I were doing it all over again today…. I was not disappointed!  10-11yrs ago, I went for a princess[Read more]

Big Girls Need Big Bling!

Being a bit on the chub side doesn’t just prove a problem in the wardrobe department, but it can be equally as much of a problem when it comes to accessories, and in particular jewellery! Do you, like me, avoid necklaces like the plague in case the chain isn’t long enough for your thick neck, or do you avoid going into a jewellers for a ring, and stick to the High Street costume jewellery because you can try it on without drawing attention to[Read more]