Gotta Love Debenhams!

So I was sat eating my lunch (very nice cheesy chips I  might add), doing my daily news catch up on Yahoo! and there it was…. A high street store finally accepting not everyone is a size Zero!  Now I will patiently await the very first size 24 mannequin! I am also aware that I have been exceptionally slack in my posts of late.  Every day life is just too damn hectic, but I do try and regularly post[Read more]

Outfit of the Day 10/10/2013 – Going Casual

Some definite wardrobe essentials for this Autumn/Fall: Top – My Mates Florence & Fred again! Trousers – Yours Clothing Shoes – Genuine Converse Stars (managed to snaffle them second hand) I love this look for when I want to just be comfortable for the day! Don’t worry guys, I’m sure I’ll come up with something a little less boring, and a little more interesting than Outfit of the Day over the next few days! BIG Love S x

Outfit of the Day – 09/10/2013

Apologies, first and foremost, for the shockingly filthy mirror which only became visible once I’d taken the photo….! Old top (bit faded) from M&S Skirt from New Look- Loving the skater style! (Current stock) Round Neck Cardigan from my mates F&F at Tesco (Also current stock) Not keen on the look without the cardi (you can see my love handles a bit too much for my liking!!!!) But still a decent day to day look for work! BIG Love S[Read more]