Review Post ft Specspost

I’m a spectacle wearer, if you hadn’t noticed, blind as a bat without…. I also like to look my best, again, if you hadn’t noticed, so my glasses are a very important part of my overall look. I’ve been in need of a new pair of specs for a while now, but it is never a cheap shopping trip when replacing specs, that is until now! I have been an admirer of Specspost from afar for some time, having seen previous blog[Read more]

Review Post | Donatella's Tights

Hello there lovelies! This post has been bubbling around now for about a week, trying to find decent light, location and someone to take some pics of me in my undies and tights!  Having no luck, I have decided to bring the post to you anyway, taking stock pics from the lovely lady’s website with a view of bringing you pics of me in a state of semi-undress at a later date! So, I am always on the look out for[Read more]