Boudoir Babes!

TGI Friday Peeps! I do hope the week has been kind to you…. This time last week I was on countdown to spend the weekend with some amazing ladies, and I thought I would tell you all about it. First up is the stunning Sonya, mum of two beautiful children and owner of The Burgandy Boudoir! How I met Sonya is a bit of a long story, and I am feeling generous today and won’t bore you with the details;[Read more]

I'm a Pin Up Girl!

Well, I was for the duration of an afternoon and here is the proof! As these kind of experiences are far from cheap, I could only justify the two pics (I couldn’t really even justify them, but I got them anyway!), and I hope I picked the right two!!! My friend and I had a lovely day, we had our hair done, our make-up done, and then the photo shoot.  This was all for my friend’s 40th birthday, but I[Read more]