Quick Outfit Post | Red Nose Day 2015

So it was Red Nose Day Friday just gone, nothing was organised at work so I considered doing something funny anyway, briefly I thought about letting the child dress me for the day…. That soon passed!  So I finally decided to go with an outfit I had been mulling over in my head for a while, but had not actually got around to putting together, and by no means funny! It worked, but it didn’t have that WOW factor that[Read more]

Happy Hump Day!

It’s Wednesday, and that can only mean one thing….. Hump Day!  Today’s second edition of the blog is brought to you by the Letters P and C for Pink Clove!  I am sorry for overloading you today, I was not intending on posting twice in a 24 hour period…. Sorry, not sorry??? It is day two of my #100HappyDays and of my self inflicted spending ban – all going well so far!  However, not entirely sure how long it will last[Read more]

#OMCZ 29 – Pretty in Pastels

I almost forgot about this weeks #OMCZ post…. Where has the time gone??  There I lay in bed at approximately 11:30pm Tuesday night thinking to myself “Mmm…. we must be due an #OMCZ post soon….”, checked my emails and it would seem I was correct….. tomorrow…… Arghhhhh!!!!  Needless to say, I was not prepared and this has made me late with my post, and with added issues with WordPress yesterday, I am posting two days late… Better late than never[Read more]

Blast from the Past

I’ve got some time off from the day job this week as it is half term, and decided some quality time with the 5-year-old was in order, plus I save some pennies from not paying for childcare!  And as I was catching up on some long overdue chores, dancing around to old skool Prodigy, thinking how I have nothing to share with you guys this week so far (I really did peak too soon last week didn’t I?), I thought[Read more]

Pink Clove #FreebieFriday Prize Dress Review

You may or my not be aware that I was the lucky winner of Pink Clove’s, via their Facebook Page, #FreebieFriday competition last week.  How bloomin’ excited was I….!!!! Here is the winning dress in question, and I went for a size 24 in the green, as I don’t seem to have very much green in my wardrobe, and I decided it was about time I did, and a very bright, vibrant green it is too! This dress also had the winning[Read more]