Pink Clove #FreebieFriday Prize Dress Review

You may or my not be aware that I was the lucky winner of Pink Clove’s, via their Facebook Page, #FreebieFriday competition last week.  How bloomin’ excited was I….!!!! Here is the winning dress in question, and I went for a size 24 in the green, as I don’t seem to have very much green in my wardrobe, and I decided it was about time I did, and a very bright, vibrant green it is too! This dress also had the winning[Read more]

#OMCZ 26 – My First "Outside My Comfort Zone" Challenge Post…!

So I’m on a roll, and this is the second monthly challenge I have signed up to!  Outside My Comfort Zone, aka #OMCZ, which is pretty much what it says on the tin. This month’s theme/challenge has been set by the amazing Steph, and is all about looking back over the last 12 months since this particular challenge started, and how we have changed since that first post. As I had not found the wonderful World of blogging back then, I have taken[Read more]

Just another Manic Monday…. A Day in the Life…. In Pictures

Who likes Mondays??? Mine has been more good than bad though I would say, but as most probably find, Monday’s can be a bit manic, so here is a quick A Day in the Life of Mrs Plus Size & Proud in pictures! Mr Plus Size & Proud was in charge of the child this morning, so I  had an extra 30 mins in bed…. Now, I could’ve used these extra minutes to apply the war paint, but the bed won I’m afraid![Read more]