Summer Hols Capsule Wardrobe with Taking Shape UK

So, if you hadn’t noticed, I didn’t/haven’t managed BEDJ…. Shocker…. NOT!  Anyway, moving on….. If you haven’t already been on a summer holiday, you may well be on the verge of jetting off to warmer climes, and therefore, contemplating the all important contents of your suitcase!  It is a travesty to say I do not have a holiday planned, but it doesn’t stop me for perusing the shops, as the UK could always end up with a heat wave, it hasn’t[Read more]

Myrda J

Hello Sweeties! I am sorry I have been so quiet of late… kinda lost my blogging mojo, been off from the day job for some quality family time for the summer hols, found I have less time to myself when I am off from the day job…. Lol! You know, the usual… Anyhoo, I am back and with it I want to introduce to you Mydra J! This innovative designer was brought to my attention a few months back now, a new[Read more]