All The Feels!

Hey there peeps! I’m behind on posts, I have a couple I really need to do, but I need to tell you about the last couple of days which have been absolutely amazing!!!! If you live in the UK and don’t reside under a rock, you will have been hard pushed to avoid the fact that firstly the fats united and were seen on Ch4….. And, which is more shocking, in a positive light! I have the utmost pleasure to[Read more]

Mixed Feelings….

Apologies from the off for any ranting or negativity this post may portray… Sometime ago, I looked to embark on plus size modelling, as part of my continued growth and journey to size acceptance.  This was born from my admiration for people like Tess Munster, Sarah H Plus and Aimee Tink and how these beautiful ladies have gone out there to show the World how beautiful we all are, no matter what size we are.  I wanted to take this[Read more]

I'm a Pin Up Girl!

Well, I was for the duration of an afternoon and here is the proof! As these kind of experiences are far from cheap, I could only justify the two pics (I couldn’t really even justify them, but I got them anyway!), and I hope I picked the right two!!! My friend and I had a lovely day, we had our hair done, our make-up done, and then the photo shoot.  This was all for my friend’s 40th birthday, but I[Read more]