Mission Impossible…. Accomplished!

As you all know, not only do I live a chub life, I live a midget chub life! At 4ft 10in I am, apparently, technically deemed a drawf – please note I am not a medical professional and am only quoting what I have either found via the internet or what I have been told…. People of 147cm (4ft10ins) or less are classed as drawfs/midgets (not to be confused with the medical disability of Drawfism) ! I must add here, that[Read more]

Do you ever find yourself in a "Tight Spot"?

One of the major plights of not only being a fat bird, but being a short fat bird, is tights!!!!!  If they fit me in the body they are generally too bloody long in the leg and I end up resembling Nora Batty, and if they fit in the leg they usually don’t even manage to cover my Foof! Having found this amazing community of plus size bloggers and reading their ramblings about life, I have found several reviews relating to The[Read more]