These Boots Were Made For…. EVERYTHING!

You may have seen recently that released their new plus size range, Boohoo Plus, catering for sizes 16-24, you can see a little wish list post I did here.  So of course it would have been rude not to take a look!  I did acquire a Bodysuit as I had been wanting one to add to my “essentials” in my wardrobe, but what I hadn’t planned on was taking a look at what else had to offer, like menswear, accessories (jewellery, handbags etc) and shoes!!!!  Which is where I found these little beauties, Honey Cut Out Double Buckle Ankle Boot:


IMG_20140327_155001_edit_edit IMG_20140327_155010_edit_edit

I had seen cut out ankle boots making their way on to the various fashion blogs I follow, and I was suitably impressed.   I am a big lover of ankle boots as being a chubster and vertically challenged, I’m not exactly in proportion and fashion friendly.  Where my butt is is usually where your waist is, where my calves are is probably where your ankle is, so if an ankle boot comes up the ankle too far then I can struggle to get them done up, and as for knee high boots, unless they are completely stretch, you can forget it…. These, however, are perfection!

These are also super comfy, not too high in the heel for everyday wear (I do love a nice heel, but not for an all day in the office kinda day), easy on and off with a zip at the back, so you don’t have to fight with the buckles all the time, and, as the title suggests, can be worn with ANYTHING!  Since these arrived I have worn these boots with leggings, skirts and dresses and they look great in all situations.  I went for the size 3, and I am glad I did.  Sometimes I have to size up to a 4 in footwear if they are not a wide fit, Tesco is a prime example of this, but if anything these come up a bit big, only very slightly, and nothing a decent pair of socks couldn’t sort out if necessary.  And not unreasonable at £25.00.

So the moral of the story is, if you do head over to take some time to see what else they have to offer, you might be surprised!  And if you do make an unexpected purchase, make sure to let me know all about it.

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BIG Love S x


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