Could've Been Worse!

So, today I had my appointment with my Dietician.  I knew it wasn’t going to be good, but the big question was how bad was it going to be??????

I had to cancel my last appointment (good old half term), so I hadn’t been since September, and in those 2 months had SEVERELY fallen off the wagon…. The devil that is bacon, cheese & chips have all passed my lips on one too many occasions, so here I was thinking I could have potentially undone all the good work I had previously done, but….. The damage, albeit there was some undoubtedly, was relatively minimal!  3lb gain, over 2 months and, let’s be honest, can realistically be rectified, well, that is if I get back on it, and sort my life out!

So, here goes Operation Slim-Jim, wish me luck!

Mustn’t forget a pic of the day!


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