Wednesday WIG List!

I know that many bloggers publish a Wednesday Wish List, but because I have recently been introduced to the World of Wigs, thanks to my surrogate daughter Hannah from Fabulously Fat Fashion, I thought I would put a spin on that and give you my Wednesday WIG List…. Lol!

Here is me in my first ever wig, but most definitely not my last, Kimra, from the amazing Geisha Wigs.


Although I had seen some of Hannah’s collection when I was at Plus North with her recently, I still could not get over the amazing quality of this wig, even though it is made of synthetic, high temperature, fibre and not real hair, you would not know!

I was kindly given a £5.00 discount code in my parcel, which I have yet to take advantage of, but only because I can’t flippin’ decide which one I want for number 2 cos I want them all!!!!!! Knowing my luck the code will have an expiry date on it and once I get around to deciding it will have run out, but with these wigs mostly around the £15-25.00 mark, they are still very affordable even without the code!

So here is a shortlist of my wig list, in no particular order, and there are so many more I want too!

Coco Creme

Coco Crème









I will let you all know which one, or ones, I go for in the end!

Photos all courtesy of the Geisha Wigs website.

Do you have a collection of wigs?

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BIG Love

S x

2 thoughts on “Wednesday WIG List!

  1. I absolutely love that red one, Ruby, it’s just gorgeous. I’ve been thinking of going red recently but don’t know if I can be bothered (or afford!) with the upkeep. This could be a great compromise!

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