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As this is my second post of the day, I shall try and avoid boring the pants of you with my babbling!

As you will have seen previously Debz came up with these challenges, we’ve done 5-6 of these already, but here is last months to give you a reminder! Basically, a brand is chosen that doesn’t cater for the fatties and we tell you what we would have bought from them if they did.

It’s the turn of River Island who were, in my teens along with Top Shop, a go to store for high street fashion…. Not these days!  But here is what I would have bought from them if I could.


White & Black Striped Bodycon Midi Dress – £38.00
I love the dress as it can be dressed up or down, and as you know from recent posts I love a good bodycon these days!  I am also a bit of a mono lover, and this being a midi would be a fab Maxi on my little drawf-esk bod!

Gold Toned Oversized Plaited Necklace – £25.00

Black Wood Effect Platform Sandals – £50.00

Navy (I thought it was black) Slouch Zip Bag – £37.00
As I have stated above, I thought this was black, and would have made a great addition to the overall look, but you still get my drift!

As Katt has mentioned in her post today, you may be thinking there are items here that I could still buy, the shoes, handbag and necklace, but I agree 100% with what else she said….. I wouldn’t venture into one of their stores if they don’t cater for me in their clothing sizes, and why would I want to give my hard earned cash to someone who clearly isn’t interested in my custom by, again, not catering for me in their clothing sizes????

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