BIG Girls Just Wanna Have Fun…… And I Did!

Well what can I say, the 80’s night rocked and I have some of the best friends ever!  It has to have been at least 15 years if not longer since I have been out with all the ladies I had the pleasure to spend Saturday night with, and anyone would have thought it was only last weekend that we were in our late teens / early twenties and strutting our stuff on the dance floor at Ritzy, Peppermint park, or some other night club that was flavour of the  month!  It has to be said, that the four of us will be “best friends forever”!  However, there was a downside…… I can tell I am heading towards the BIG 40 as I have still been recovering the day after the day after, and it doesn’t do my vocal chords any good to sing Living on a Prayer that loud (although in my opinion, there is no other way to sing Living on a Prayer!!!!!!).  Probably just as well my next night out is unlike to be for another couple of months………

But as you all know I had the dilemma, as we all often do, of deciding on what outfit should be worn for such a momentous occasion!  Once I had pictured my perfect outfit in my head, I was, however, caused some distress, as I had ordered the size I have been, or so I thought, recently – 22-24 from Yours Clothing – only to find it far to big around the arms and although looked relatively okay from the front, from the side I was verging on looking pregnant or that I was wearing a tent! Something that as a BIG Girl I try and avoid at all costs, embrace the curves and all that!  So there I was on Friday frantically trawling the website for a smaller size, paying for next day delivery, setting it up for the tunic to be delivered to my friend’s house (as I would be leaving home early in the morning), and praying that, although next day delivery can be anytime up to 8pm, it would come in time for my night out and fit perfectly!  Someone was looking down on me on Saturday as my tunic top/dress arrived at approximate 15:15pm that day and was the perfect fit!  It obviously looked so damn good on me that it influenced my friend to keep the other slightly smaller size I had also ordered (can’t blame a girl for some wishful thinking!).  And here is the finished article!


Tunic – Yours Clothing
Leggings – Slimma at Simply Be
Shoes – Dorothy Perkins
Bag (LuLu Guiness inspired) – Ebay
Scarf – Ebay

BIG Girl’s don’t have the monopoly on the nightmare of sizing when buying in store or online.  A colleague of mine today had ordered from an online source some clothing in a medium, of which again normally fits her without any issues, however, today the clothes drowned her.  So, it isn’t just us larger than life individuals who can’t just shop anywhere without an issue, there are others out there suffering in the same way, but may be a size 6, 8, or 10!

I remember a while back a journalist went around all the usual suspects on the high street and worked out if you were a standard size 14 for instance what size you would be in each of the stores….. Unfortunately I cannot recall who it was now, and it was so long ago that I would probably never be able to find it to share now, but it was very interesting reading, and just goes to show that really not one of us stands a chance!  So here I am, and it would seem as of the weekend, I can be anything from a size 20 to a size 26, depending on where I shop.  What a crock of you-know-what!  So, let’s stop looking at what size we are, or how much we weigh, but let’s just look at how beautiful we are and what makes us feel good, makes us look stunning, embrace and nurture it!

Now today it was all back to normal and back to the grindstone, but the weather is definitely turning more Autumnal, so I have started to think about my Autumn/Fall attire….. And here is today’s ensemble! What do we think???  I again think this outfit is another fave of mine, along side my polka dot cardigan look….. I think I rock the round neck cardigan, but it has to be worn exactly this way as in my opinion it is very slimming, and we like slimming don’t we?!


Dress – Inspire by New Look
Cardigan – Tesco
Shoes – Dorothy Perkins

Now, I need to think about tomorrow’s look…… Decisions decisions!

Hope I haven’t bored you too much, and of course…….

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BIG Love

S x

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  1. Recently been introduced to a website called dressipi which will tell you your size at a large number of retailers once you enter all your measurements. A godsend if you order online and it includes plus size brands.

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