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Hello Sweethearts!

I am slowly getting back into the swing of things after the long Christmas break, which was fab getting to spend time with the family, but it is always good to get back into the old routine isn’t it…..?

Today I am going to talk about Simply Be…. Simply Be along with Evans used to be our only go to places for plus size clothing, Simply Be for online, and Evans for the High Street.  Over time our options have improved, but these two particular retailers would always be held in high regard as the two that gave us big ladies the opportunity to express ourselves more within up to date fashions, and step away from dressing like our Grandma’s.  Unfortunately, it would seem recently, that one of these retailers have started to turn their back on the people who made them who they are today!

Since branching into smaller sizes, and trying to be a retailer who offers an “inclusive” range, it seems the larger sizes have suffered….. I’ve said it before, I will say it again, if you are going to offer plus size do it properly and offer sizes up to and including a 32 or even a 36!!!!  And if you are going to advertise the fact you offer an inclusive range, bloody well do it!!!!

To give you an idea of what I’m getting at, I have taken a screenshot from the website today, chosing my all time fave frocks….

Simply be

As you can see, if you are a size 32+ you are shit right out luck me ole china!

I have to admit to having moved away from Simply Be more and more recently.  Even though I am, as a rule, a size 24, and shouldn’t have too much of an issue shopping with most stores, online and in the high street, who offer plus sizes (most will cater up to a 24 if they offer plus size), I have found the sizing from Simply Be very hit and miss, I have to shop online as my nearest store is at least 1.5-2hrs drive, so I spend time, I don’t have, ordering multiple sizes, returning items, and generally being disappointed.


Pricing also seems very inflated, and I am lead to believe if you have an account the interest rate is very high.  This would not be an issue for me as long as the quality mirrored the prices, but this does not appear to be the case.  I saw recently on Leah’s blog how she, as I know many others have done, put up with the prices and the lack of decent quality because Simply Be catered for us, we were thankful and grateful for their existence….  but we don’t have to anymore, well, not as much, we have more options now…. Where would Simply Be without the likes of you and me…. What if we all took a stand and boycott them, what then?  Would they come back on bended knee to the fat bird who bought from them way back when they first started, even though they are a size 32???

Anyhoo, I have to say there are still items in their catalogue that catch my eye, but with all the above taken into consideration, I won’t be spending my pennies on, but if they were to ever get their act together I may reconsider…. So #hereiswhatIwouldhave spent :





And possibly my fave on look, ultimate cuteness and price……


Total I would have spent, if I felt it would be worth it, and I was not going to be disappointed….

£180.00 + Delivery….. Wow!

I always find doing these posts very interesting, and it was a great idea of Debz to come up with doing these regularly, check out my previous post here.

Ladies taking part this time are listed below, and be sure to stop by and see what they would have spent!

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BIG Love

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8 thoughts on “Simply Be – Here’s What I Would Have Spent

  1. I haven’t done my post yet but I think they are missing their core market they want to be inclusive but what other shops are? They should concentrate on a core market imo. Do what they do best well rather than spreading themselves thinly. I’m pretty much writing here what i planned for my post.

    Most of my friends and plus size but those who size 16 or under would look at me like i had two heads if I suggested simply be for them. To them it is a Plus size retailer who they would come in with for me to look at clothes but never by as if someone found out they would think they are fat. Pointing out SB sell from a size 10 wouldn’t even register. Even if some of them have shopped through JD Williams catalogue brands and bought the same things that SB sell. I might be going off point but sadly labels matter to people. Not everyone granted but to some people xx

  2. I think what you’ve said here Steph is extremely valid, and I hadn’t considered suggesting to someone size 10-16 to shop at SB and what they might think, and I think you’ve got the nail right on the head! Really looking forward to your post! x

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