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I missed the last OMCZ Challenge, it was to show the same item three ways…. I always seemed to have a couple of looks, but the third just eluded me…. Check out the ladies listed though and check what they came up with a couple of weeks ago as their “1 item 3 ways”!

This challenge has been chosen by the fabulous Steph of Seeing Spots, who’s birthday happens to be today and who won my recent blog giveaway!  Here is what she said:

The next OMCZ challenge has been chosen by ME and the details are:
Due: 7th May (hey shorty it’s my Birthday)
Theme: Sitting Down on the Blog

  “As a fat woman I’m expected to stand up, breathe in and generally blend into the background,  It’s my birthday today and I fancy a sit down and I’d like to ask all my fellow plus size bloggers to sit down.  Wear what ever you like, but post a photo of yourself sat down.  This takes me out of my comfort zone to the extreme.”

So here I am sitting down…..



I have just posted about this outfit here.  Firstly apologies for using the same outfit in two posts on the same day…. lack of time and needs must…. but also, I should have apologised for the non-eventful shoot location today, I had it all sorted and then the heavens opened… hence office meeting room a the end of the day pics!

I can see why Steph finds sitting down such an outside her comfort zone situation, only this weekend my friend and I were having some major issues when attending a party and trying to not only sit comfortably without the waistband of our dress cutting us in two and making us look like a sack of spuds, but to still try and look stylish all at the same time…. Not one of the easiest positions for a chubster like my good self…. with short legs!

I have struggled to try and look good sitting down today as well, I think my ass looks massive in these pics, but, I still felt fab and nothing, not nothing will take that away from me, and I know that stood up I looked awesome!

Check out the other ladies taking part:

Hollie Http://

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2 thoughts on “OMCZ #31 – Sitting Down on the Blog

  1. I love the sitting down shots as you can see how shapely you are. I’m sharing the same items twice tomorrow too (I forgot to do it today). Mag 7 and OMCZ seem to clash once every 3 months or so and I’d normally do two different lots of photos, but not this time. x x

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