Money Saving Monday – Week 1

So, you will all be aware that I have embarked on a very over due spending ban, and thanks to the lovely Abi of A is for Abi Blog who suggested we turn it into a little challenge, week one has just been completed….. Have I stumbled at the first hurdle? Unless you consider spending £1.00 towards £70.95 worth of goods, or a bottle of wine (come on guys, you can’t give up everything all at once), then no, I have been very good!  Will it continue….. Mmm…. We shall see!

I have some new purchases to share with you, but as I previously said above, these all cost me personally the grand sum of £1.00!



Floral Kimono Jacket –  Size 24 – M&S Collection (Plus) – £45.00
(I also paid for next day delivery at £4.95)

True to size fit, lovely silky material, and excellent M&S quality as always!



Midas Tube Midi Skirt – Size 22 – Taking Shape – £19.00 (purchased in-store)
Embracing the VBO!  I have pulled the top up to try and give you an idea of the fit

Fab stretch tube skirt, and sizing down again in TS!


Light-Up Tweezers – Taking Shape – £2.00 (purchased in-store)

Now, I can hear you all thinking, how have I managed to bag this little lot for just £1.00 when clearly if you add all the above up it comes to £70.95, I shall tell you….. Gift Cards!

If you didn’t already know, I turned 40 last month, and someone had very kindly given me an M&S Gift Card fir £50.00.  I kept looking online, I even went in-store, but I just couldn’t find anything that grabbed me, or if it did it wasn’t in my size, then this little beauty appeared.  I kept umming and arrring, but then I ran it by a few people to ask their view and the general consensus was go for it!  I was a little loath to spend ALL my gift card on one item, I usually like to get a few bits for my money, but then the lovely Debz from Wannabe Princess made a very good point in that she always looks at the fact she wouldn’t normally spend as much on one item either, so when technically speaking you are not using your own pennies it is nice to spend that little bit extra and treat yourself….. so I did, and with enough left over to pay for next day delivery too in time for the weekend!

So how did I come by the rest I hear you asking…. Well…. I was kindly asked to attend Taking Shape’s Summer Event on Saturday and compare the fashion show…. As a little thank you I was given a £20.00 gift card, so I bought this skirt for £19.00…. Now, I was never any good at maths, but even I can work out that this would leave me in credit by £1.00, but there was a slight technical glitch and the £1.00 would not stay on the card, so I HAD to spend it, and the cheapest thing in store was these fab light-up tweezers at £2.00, taking me over and having to hand over £1.00….. Am I forgiven????

Anyhoo, all in all, considering I am on a spending ban, I don’t think I’ve done three bad have I?

Are you trying to reign it in, and have you managed to abide by the rules or have you given into temptation???

Roll on next week!

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